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Bijur Delimon Meter Units

The maintenance of industrial machinery is all in the details. The small parts that make the big difference must always be attended to in order to guarantee high performance. Since 1980, Fluidline Systems has provided valuable customer service plus an extensive selection of Bijur meter units for lubrication systems of all types.

All Bijur meter units are top quality and directly from one of the most well-trusted names in the business. Built to last, these meter units are ideal for one-shot or cyclic-type lubricating systems. Buy Bijur meter units in order to create flow resistance for your lubrication system. Meter units use a check valve to prevent oil drain-back between lubricating cycles, which is the difference from a control unit. Each Bijur meter unit has a flow rate and feed direction marked on each fitting. Do not attempt to adjust or repair. Call our Parts Hotline at 419-535-1313 to speak with us today, plus take advantage of our fast shipping!