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Types of Lubrication Systems for Every Machine

We offer the widest selection of state-of-the-art lubrication systems available along with the best products and service. Our products include lubricators, injectors, manifolds, resistance fittings and accessories for a variety of systems. Whether you need specific applications or broad machinery lubrication, our systems can be used in a variety of industrial settings. Our lubrication systems will help extend the life of your machinery and keep them operating efficiently. The lubrication systems in which we specialize are:

  • Single Line Resistance Lubrication Systems
  • Positive Displacement Injectors Systems
  • Series Progressive Lubrication Systems
  • Specialty Lubrication Systems
  • There is no substitute for a properly designed lubricating system when it comes to keeping your machines operating properly. The types of machines requiring lubrication are wide ranging and include; metal lathes, surface grinders, machining centers, saws, drills, milling machines and presses. Industries including agriculture, automotive, cement, food and beverage, machine tools, mining, mobile off-road, mobile on-road, packaging, printing, pulp and paper, railway, steel, and wind energy all have needs for lubricating systems in their processes. A Single Line Resistance lubricating system is the solution for many of these needs.

    Single Line Resistance Lubrication Systems

    Single Line Resistance Systems are the most simple to operate and maintain. They are compact, economical and ideally suited for equipment with closely configured bearing clusters or groups. The oil discharge is precisely controlled and delivered to each point while the machine is in operation. To keep reduce friction and wear, this lubrication system provides a clean film of oil between critical bearing surfaces.

    Advantages to Bijur Single Line Resistance Lubricating Systems

    • Compact
    • Economical
    • Easy to Design
    • Simple to Operate
    • Suited for closely configured bearing clusters or groups

    Single Line Resistance Systems are low pressure oil lubrication systems. They are designed for light or medium machinery and can lubricate up to 100 points. When considering the type of lubricating system needed for your machinery, you can count on a Single Line resistance system to be compact, economical and simple to operate and maintain. The system precisely controls the discharge of oil to each delivery point while the machine is in operation, keeping a clean film of oil between critical bearing surfaces. The Single Line Resistance lubricating system will

    • Keep friction and wear to a minimum
    • Extend machinery life
    • Increase production efficiency.

    Automatic lubrication pumps are highly recommended over manual pumps. An automatic lubrication system is a safer, more exacting and more reliable method of machine lubrication, thus providing a cost effective alternative to manual systems. Automatic lubrication pumps are programmed to operate at preset interval times between lubrication cycles, eliminating the need for a machine operator to activate the process.

    Positive Displacement Injectors

    Positive Displacement Injector lubrication systems are driven by pressure generated by a centralized system lubricator. These systems are preferred for machinery which needs a very specific amount of lubricant to multiple points. At regular intervals, injectors are alternately activated and deactivated. When the lubrication system reaches operative pressure, oil and fluid greased discharges from the injectors.

    Series Progressive Lubrication Systems

    Series Progressive lubrication systems are most often used on medium-duty machinery and equipment. One advantage of this lubrication system is the ease of installation. Because pumps are connected to lubrication manifolds, some of which are modular, installation, modification and maintenance can take place without the removal of tubing.

    In a Series Progressive lubrication system, progressive movement divider blocks operate in a pre-arranged sequence. This makes for easy monitoring of system operation through a moving indicator pin. Sequential movement of the pistons inside the divider block comes about by cyclic discharge from a lubricator. Fixed volumetric amounts of lubricant are displaced to each point connected to the lubrication system network.

    Dualine Lubrication Systems

    Dualine Lubrication Systems are found in every industry which requires continuous duty operation. They are economical for systems having more than 20 bearing points and points can easily be added without redesigning the entire system. When a blockage between feed line and bearing occurs, it will not shut the system down; remaining bearings will continue to be lubricated. There are positive lubrication indicators for each bearing point. Dualine Lubrication Systems have the ability to positively displace a wide range of lubricants form light oil to grade-2 grease. Lubrication discharge volume at each bearing is fully adjustable even after start-up.

    Specialty Lubrication Systems

    HyperFormanceHyperFormance Air/Oil Lubrication System delivers a high level of efficiency for lubrication and cooling of surfaces requiring accurate oil deliveries like high-speed spindles. This lubrication system eliminates residual drift of “oil fog” or mist during operation and the advanced design delivers precise amounts of lubricant

    FluidFlex – A pressurized dispensing system for fluids, lubricants or coolants. The most versatile lubrication system in the industry, it is designed for maximum efficiency, accuracy and control of any fluid in any manufacturing or process industry.

    Single Point Lubrication Systems

    Although they are very simple in design, Single Point Lubrication Systems are very effective at delivering grease or oil to your lubrication points. Users are able to estimate the time it will take to run the unit empty by using different springs. Clear reservoirs allow for easy visual assessments of the lubricant level at any time. Over lubrication is eliminated because the Venturi action discharges lubricant only when the bearing is in motion. Grease used in other applications on the plant floor can be used because this lubrication system can use any grease.