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Lube USA Meter Units

A high-functioning system relies exclusively on the sum of its parts. For lubrication systems, the maintenance of smaller parts equates to efficient results. Shop with Fluidline Systems for all meter units and flow units for lubrication systems, particularly those provided by Lube USA.

Buy meter units from Lube USA and benefit from a company that has served the lubrication system industry for over 40 years. Install Lube USA meter units as a resistance-type valve for cyclic lubrication. Be sure to confirm the flow direction and thread size to connect to the junction. Each Lube USA meter unit for lubrication systems has a flow rate and feed direction marked on each fitting. Do not attempt to adjust or repair. Ensure all large, medium or small machines are working at peak performance! Call our Parts Hotline today at 419-535-1313, and we’ll happily answer all questions or provide info based on years of expertise. Shipping is FAST and easy, too!